Monday, May 28, 2012

The Waffle Nazi

I'd like to take a break from my animal stories to share a unique experience I had at my school dining hall.

Now, this unique experience could have been completely avoided if it weren't for my unique taste in food and creativity in the kitchen (or in this case, dining hall).

If you've never been to a University dining hall then you probably don't know much about what there is to offer. I'll give you an idea: salad bar, sandwich bar, soup bar, toaster oven, burnt coffee, and the occasional stirfry bar. Some mornings, however, you get the luxury of using the waffle batter dispenser and waffle press. This story takes place on one of those mornings...

I come from a family of great cooks and even greater appetites. When I picture a salad I see grilled chicken, avocado, almonds, fresh fruit- more than just greens with some ranch. So when I see waffle batter... I also try throwing in some cottage cheese, granola and berries in the mix. This simple addition would enhance the nutritional value and overall consuming experience of the waffle.

I grabbed a cup and filled it halfway with batter, tossed in some cottage cheese, granola and berries, stirred and voila! Ready to be waffled! I poured my creation into a waffle press and just as I was about to shut the iron, heard a stern voice asking "excuse me, what's that?!" I looked up to see a lunch lady glaring right at me.. one thick eyebrow raised. "A waffle." I replied calmly, hoping she'd leave me alone. But she didn't.

 "You can't do that!! It's going to stick and you're going to ruin the machine! You're not allowed to put anything else in there!" She was quite the waffle Nazi. "Okay." I replied, knowing that it really wouldn't be the end of the world as she was making it out to be. I continued waiting for my forbidden waffle to cook and as I was doing so overheard the waffle Nazi yelling at the next waffle enthusiast. "It's gonna stick I tell ya! You need to spray the machine first! Read the instructions!" Her intensity was overwhelming.

My waffle was ready to be removed from the press and, and despite the scolding I couldn't wait to devour it. Just for the record, it didn't stick one bit and it was delicious! Take that waffle Nazi.

This image from the movie Matilda brings me back..

Here are some great waffle/pancake recipes! In case this story inspired your taste buds:

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