Saturday, May 26, 2012

Starting my story

(A hardy Maine) Hello!
As you may have deduced from the title of this blog, what I'm about to share with you (should you choose to continue) are some real life accounts from, well... my life!

My life- let me give you some basic building blocks. I am currently an incoming third year student studying Animal and Veterinary Sciences at the University of Maine (Orono). However, I reside in the city of Auburn with my family for the summer. The Nyholm residence consists of my Mom, Dad, two brothers (it's a sandwich- I'm in the middle), my pug Lily, Kitty the cat, and 5 hens. Had I started this a week earlier, our dachshund Ethel would also be included in this list, but sadly (for us) she is now in doggie heaven.

I've always been a girl with many interests.. I love art, traveling, eating, friends, fun facts, science, nature, running, scary stories, success stories, thunderstorms..
Oh, and of course I love animals, or else this blog would not exist!

My dream in life since I was about..Spicegirls-obsessed age was to be a marine biologist and study whales and dolphins. This dream stuck (and still holds special place in my heart) and led me to the decision of "Wildlife Ecology" as my major at the University. I even got a scholarship!-which was nice.

However, as I was scrolling down a list of summer internships one day, I was quick to learn that most jobs within this field involved snails, soil, or trees... none of which gave me butterflies (or a good income). In order to live out my dream of working with my pals Flipper and Willy, I'd most likely  have to move quite far away from my family. Family- something whose value had greatly increased once I went off to college and realized they are not so bad after all. In fact, I really like the people.
Panic set in and I knew I had to direct my life elsewhere. But where? With most of my family in Maine and the Midwest it had to be a career everywhere, anywhere, much more broad, and with all creatures (great and small- great book!)... Pre-Vet it was!

My parents were thrilled with my decision, and of course the biggest animal lover I know- my Gramma Lovely, was so excited! I talked to my new advisor Dr. W (DVM, Ph.D, BM.. some other honorable abbreviations) and got my spring schedule ruled out as an AVS pre-vet student. My new change in career goal was exhilirating and I couldn't wait to get my hands dirty and feet wet (turns out I literally would).  I wasn't sure what to expect, but I've always been fine with spontaneity.

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Just some bread in a basket... oops that's Lily!

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